- The computer has a memory of 1000 programs that enable faster and more efficient work.

-Programming is very easy. translated in all languages.

-Possibility of working in manual, semi-automatic or nc automatic mode.

- Machine control can also be performed using the mobile and slippers

-Hydraulic cylinders are mounted on each console or at each segment

- Knives are made of ocer12 material in a single piece which leads to the highest precision

- Certificate and 2 year warranty



Working length 1.000mm-12.000mm
Working depth 1250mm
Sheet metal thickness Fe-1,0mm . Al-2,0mm
Bending angle 145°
oil flow 20 l/min
Oil tank 100 lit
pressure pumps 200 bar
Electric Motor 4kw
Voltage 380v
operationscissors hydroengine

VIDEO  http://mikroninzenjering.com/sr/video-allv.html

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 VIDEO  http://mikroninzenjering.com/sr/video-allv.html

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